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Author Topic: CAOS By-Laws  (Read 1240 times)


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CAOS By-Laws
« on: February 04, 2016, 12:38:30 AM »


Article I-Name
The name of this organization shall be CENTRAL ALABAMA OFFROAD SOCIETY, Inc.

Article II- Purpose and aim
This organization shall be non-profit in character, bringing together and promoting the interest of family four wheeling as well as enjoying our Country's natural resources and beauty.

Article III-Membership and dues
1. Membership is open to owners of four-wheel drive vehicles. Primary vehicle cannot be a side x side, ATV, or motorcycle.
2. Dues for this organization shall be $75.00 per vehicle.
3. Each vehicle (family) shall have one vote
4. The age limit for members is at least 16 year of age; each member must hold a valid driver’s license.
5. Roll bars are required for soft-top vehicles.
6. Seat belts are mandatory in all vehicles.
7. New Member requirements: have to have a club member (in good standing for one year) sponsor and must attend one meeting and one ride within 60 days, of submitting application, before they are a club member. If requirements are not met their money will be returned.                                                               
8. Members, to remain in good standing, shall perform two {2} work days per year or be fined $25.00 for each workday not completed. Officers and Executive Committee must attend two {2} workdays a year.

Article IV- Meetings
Membership meetings shall be held at any location/any day of the week upon member agreement.

Article V-Officers
The officers shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Director, Land Use Coordinator, Sergeant At Arms, and the Executive Committee.

Article VI-Amendments to the by-laws
These by-laws may be amended by 51% membership present at the meeting, provided the amendment has been presented at a previous meeting, at least 2 weeks prior to the vote.

Article VII-Termination of Membership
Any member who’s conduct, attitude, or action puts in jeopardy the safety, purpose, or the spirit of this club shall be disciplined. Conduct such as but not limited to: Intoxication, littering, fighting (physically or verbally), any action showing the club in a bad light, any action that puts oneself or another individual in unnecessary danger, or leaving any member stranded without good cause. The membership committee and/or club officers will determine the offenses. There will be no refund of club dues.
1.   For the first less serious offense discipline will be a verbal warning/ counseling.
2.   For the second less serious offense a written warning will be issued to the offending member.
3.   For the third less serious offense, the offending members’ club membership will be terminated.
4.   For a serious offense the offending members’ club membership will be terminated immediately (first time or otherwise).

Article VIII-Liability
Central Alabama Offroad Society, Inc. is not responsible for damage to vehicles or injury to persons.

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